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we care

In a time in history that seems blistering fast and out of control, we take the time to care, we take the time to educate, we take the time to sharpen the saw… Individually we can accomplish, but only as a team can we win. Join our community and let us help you through your challenges knowing that we are aligned and care about a win for all.

one team

A collective of like-minded professionals striving to have fun and make money. Growing together as a family alliance to tackle small jobs and big projects, routine work and diverse solutions… 7 disciplines under one roof to provide a single solution to our customers

We are you

We run our own companies, we started from nothing, we are sparkys that gave it a crack… but we are also now high performing business experts, we are expert technicians across the latest in technologies, we are mastering our industry and driving growth. Join our team, run your local business and enjoy the freedom and confidence that we are you and we have been through it all. Just put up your hand and ask for help!

Build a real business with us

Business Foundation
We provide the foundation, the structure and the underlying success platform for you to leverage and implement.
Business Intelligence
We provide strategy, insight, experience and a coaching framework to take you on a journey from inception to evolution, a strategic pathway to knock down one domino at a time. Keeping you on track and focused on your goals.
Business Support
We provide the confidence and the clarity to grow your business and we support the process to keep you working on what you are good at while letting you enjoy the growth process.

Who we are

Our Vision

A network of professional technicians who collaborate under one banner using a set of proven systems. A family alliance.

Our mission

To transform the fragmented electrical and communications industry into an integrated energy and technology world

OUR History

Glen was 22 when the inception of power integration occurred.

I had a pulsar hatchback, a 4ft ladder in the back, a tool box and some eagerness to jump into the real world….

In 2004 power integration was born and Glen was doing service calls, air conditioning installs… 

Basically anything from family and friends. Any challenge was accepted… I was only 22 after-all so everything was new to me so I simply applied a common sense approach and utilised my skills to adapt to different circumstances.”

“My father joined the team (and by team I mean myself and one apprentice, Liam) in 2006 and we were ready for the big time… well so I thought.”

“Another few years went by and I still remember my first $13,000 quote for a house in Manly… I thought that was a huge deal! We won that job and went on to work with that builder for about three years until they went bust. That was our first hurdle and milestone to overcome!”

“11 years later and my 100 times bigger 1.3 million project is equally a big deal… It’s all relevant I guess as each new challenge stretches you just a little further and takes you to a new slightly uncomfortable stage… after which it becomes the normal until the next challenge.”

“My brother in law also came on board for a critical three year stint until his departure in 2011. It was during Kent’s time with PI that we truly began to offer our integrated services approach, as in, one company to service the full aspect of the electrical and technology field. From electrician to IT guru!”

“Almost 15 years later and we have quite literally faced every up and down a business can face… but I love it. I have learned first hand what it takes to setup, implement and manage a systemised business, something that can last the test of time and that provides consistent, predictable and realisable results.

So where to now? 

Well, we are just getting started and my team are taking it from here. We all need to realise our strengths and get out of our own way sometimes to allow new people to take the lead. We are here to create a truly innovative and disruptive business model and with the help of the current team, the future team and anyone who comes into contact with Power Integration… we will get there. Never a doubt.

Join us on a journey for the next 15 years… and into the future of connected technologies, digital tradesman and smart buildings.

HOw do we operate?


Customers love to deal with one person that they like. This produces great results, though can limit the amount a business can scale… join our team and become laser focused on delivering customer service while we support the rest… “you will have the support of our proven brand and systems to ensure the best outcome for you as our partner. ”

Supportive Partner

Don’t get bogged down with all the after hours paperwork and stick to your strengths. PI will support you so that you can laser focus on your strengths as a technician and we can systemise the rest. We believe in your skills, believe in your vision and believe you are a valued member of the Power Integration Team.

Integrated Diversity

As a team, we take a diverse range of expertise and disciplines (electrical, air, solar, security, smart buildings, technology...), and integrate them under one roof to produce an integrated local solution for customers...."

Co-operative Teams

A network of technicians and locally owned teams working together under a common banner to provide a One Team, One Solution outcome.

Our commitment to you

1. Innovation



Consistent incremental change is fundamental to our partner program.

Listening to you and your new approaches from day one, allows a natural evolution for all.

We provide you the unique opportunity to be more than a sparky… let us support and train you in electrical, air, solar, security…

Join us and transform the fragmented electrical and communications industry into an energy and technology world…

2. Education


One of the biggest challenges in small business is taking the time to train your current and future team. It’s better to have trained a technician to a level where they are of the highest value, then they leave; then have employed a technician of no value with no investment of training, and they stay…

We are committed to continuous learning and growth. If you aren’t moving forward, you’re falling backwards. Keep up with the transformative growth of our industry and expand your horizons into deeper and more practical leadership skills, business management, financial acumen, pragmatic growth strategies and alignment of your values to the core reasons you started on this journey…

3. Collaboration


We are passionate about a One Team, One Solution offering and collectively we can do this. Join forces with head office on projects, or team up with another local partners to deliver either bigger jobs, or more diversified services…

Integrating resources at all levels allows for a successfully systemised and predictable structure without the typical barriers of hierarchy and bureaucratic communication. A nimble social and scalable business model is the only way for a sustainable and truly rewarding outcome for the entire collective.

4. Community


Join our team and help us build a community of like-minded professionals aiming to have some fun and make some money.

We can leverage the values of a locally responsible team working together on decisions and strategies to build a better future for all.

5. Sustainability


A responsible company with our technicians and our teams at the heart of our efforts to influence a brighter future.


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